Support Services


Gyeongju Convention and Visitors Bureau is a one-stop service organization that provides convention organizers with the professional support they need to hold a successful event.
Since opening in October, 2013, We have hosted more than 100 academic conferences and Meetings such as 2015 World Water Forum, 2016 UN DPI/NGO Conference, 2017 General Meeting of the World Association of Nuclear Operators, 2017 World Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities and many more.

(1) Eligibility : A conference that meet the UIA and ICCA international conference standards.

1) UIA conference standard: A conference organized or sponsored by an international organization with a minimum of 50 participants.
2) ICCA conference standard: A conference organized by an association, held regularly, attracting more than 50 participants, and circulating in more than
    3 countries.

(2)Support Services

1) Communications Support

· Act as a liaison between local contacts and meeting planners.
· Assist in the selection of suitable convention facilities, accommodations, and other convention suppliers.
· Advise on the planning of pre- & post- tours and social programs.
· Promote upcoming meetings in Gyeongju to attract as many delegates as possible.

2) Site Inspection Support

· We provide complimentary site inspection tours to key decision makers. Types of support include but not limited to:

  - Complimentary hotel rooms.(Subject to availability)
  - Arrange appointments with venues and hotels.
  - Complimentary tour service.
  - Provide translator and local guides.

3) Marketing Support

· Marketing support to include all costs associated with pre and post bidding process:

  - Local and international PR activities.
  - Online and offline communications activities.
  - Bid presentation activities.
  - Support cost associated in the bidding process.
  - Support and provide all promotional materials: videos & CDs, tourist guidebooks, maps, and convention brochures.