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Title Featured Venues: Hwangnyongwon, K-POP Museum Write Date 2018-12-18

2017 World Association of Nuclear Operators                                                  Hwangnyongwon 

· Hwangnyongwon
  Located in Bomun Tourist Complex, the stunning Hwangnyongwon was unveiled in 2016. It comprises two main structures; Jungdo Tower, a replica of the 9-story wooden pagoda at Hwangnyongsa Temple that dates back to 7th century Silla (BC 57~AD 935), and the Training Wing. The two structures are equipped with conference rooms, meditation rooms, and accommodations. Initially built as a corporate retreat for Dongkuk Steel employees, Hwangnyongwon is now the preferred venue for social gatherings at international meetings and corporate events. The garden between Jungdo Tower and the Training Wing hosted a banquet for the 2017 World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Biennial General Meeting and received high praise from participants. Organizers for upcoming conferences are also considering using the space for receptions and farewell parties.

*Hwangnyongsa Temple: Hwangnyongsa, meaning "temple of the yellow dragon,” was a Buddhist temple built in the 7th century during the Silla Kingdom (BC 57~AD 935) to ask for divine protection against neighboring foes. Standing nearly 80 meters high, it was the highest wooden structure in the world at the time but was burnt down during the Mongol invasion. Today, only the ruins remain at the original site.