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Title Tourist Destination: Gyeongju in K-Dramas – Samneungsup Forest Write Date 2018-12-18

'Mr. Sunshine’ poster, from the official website

  Gyeongju is well known as a popular location for the filming of K-dramas, movies and entertainment programs, thanks to the diverse range of natural landscapes including the seaside, fields, and mountains, not to mention numerous historical sites dating back to the Silla Kingdom (BC 57~AD 935). 

The hit TV drama series “Mr. Sunshine” which was broadcast on tvN (and on Netflix globally) featured Gyeongju prominently. When the main character Eugene witnesses his parents’ murder by a noble family, he is forced to flee for his life. While on the run, he passes through Samneungsup Forest. The picturesque setting is located on Namsan Mountain, part of Gyeongju Historic Areas, a designated UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Samneung literally means "three royal tombs" and each of the three tombs house a king of the Silla Kingdom. The pine trees in the forest envelop the royal tombs in a serene and peaceful atmosphere, making it a sought-after destination for walks and meditation among photographers, local citizens and visitors.


A young Eugene running through Samneungsup Forest                          Photographed by Kwon Young-man   (권영만)    

(Credit: Hwa&dam Pictures)